Thoughts of a Mind Without Limits

by Chancellor Young

I’ve come to the realization that all friends are not friends.. when I was younger I was blinded by “friends”& “loyalty” and the definition surrounding what such words actually meant. For me those words were not just empty words and weren’t applicable only when it befitted me but more so when obstacles and/or adversity reared its ugly heads. I’m a lot more intellectually awoke than I have ever been in my life and I attribute a large portion of  my conscientiousness to my wife/family and the other portion to just life’s experiences just showing me “what’s what” & “what isn’t”..Really what I mean by that is that I’ve been placed in situation’s, some by choice and others by force where my loyalty was constantly tested to which I acted in a way which displayed my loyalty through the level of aggression/violence I was willing to inflict.. its sad when I actually think about it because I’m generally a selfless person by nature but due to the actions of others or inactions of others I’m forced to see things for what they actually are and become the selfish person that I am not! I’m glad to be here in prison and actually reflect on the direction that I want my life to go and I’m also thankful/grateful for the opportunity to see who is actually here for me and not just spewing a bunch of empty words around, it just suxx that my life’s lessons and realizations had to come at my families expense or through my own personal hardships, I use to always hear the term “pain brings pleasure” and I never understood what that meant until I did. I’m one of the lucky ones behind these walls who’ll be able to reintegrate back into society, I’m too smart at this stage in life to keep making the same senseless,thoughtless mistakes, besides losing isn’t a option at this point, to make another grave mistake will mean to lose and to lose is to be without my wife and my kids and I can’t have that. My life is and will always continue to be a work in progress but as long as I continue to work and strive & be productive, I’ll be aite… We’ll be aite… 

My life is a book that has yet to be written!!!


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