Darealprisonart is the largest multimedia source of prisoner news and art across multiple Web platforms.

In 2014, Darealprisonart began blogging about prison art, and to digitally publish the visual Works of artists behind the wall. In 2015, working with the online print platforms, Fine Art America, and Pixels, these Works were made available in a wide variety of wall art, from canvas, in frames, to wood. They also can be purchased on t-shirts, tote bags, greeting cards, iPhone case covers, and other products.

Darealprisonart | Blog

Darealprisonart – Official Website
Over 10,000 art print products of Prison Art; the most influential Art movement in the United States.

Darealprisonart – Art

Shortly thereafter, Darealprisonart began a website for prisoner poets.
Mprisondpoetz | Poetry From Thoz Mprisond

And another website for nonpoetry writings.
Mprisondthotz | Thotz From Thoz Mprisond

That same year began publishing prisoners’ audio and video recordings
DAREALPRISONART | Free Listening on SoundCloud

DaReal PrisonArt – YouTube

2019 saw the publication of two Daily news and a magazine.
Da Real Prison Art: mass incarceration Daily | The #1 digital news source, combining the politics of prisons, with prison art

DAREALPRISONART MAGAZINE | The online magazine of the visual and literary artistic musings of prisoners. – Flipboard

Darealprisonart can also be found as the host account across the Web, to multiple Street cultural publishing brands. These brands include Hood Over Hollywood (The beauty standards from the girl next door); Da Real Hip Hop News (From da Hood to Hollywood and Everything in-Between); and the podcast Broken Mercy (What does Mercy Broken mean to you beyond the standard definition ???). These are just a small sample of the brands associated with the publishing prowess of Darealprisonart. Taken together, these brands across social media platforms have well over 250,000 followers, and over 500,000 monthly views. Pinterest holds the largest number of these other publishing brands.

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