The inhumane conditions of political prisoners in Iran’s Ghezel Hesar prison

In a letter, Iranian political prisoner, Saeed Masouri, described the conditions of Ghezel Hesar prison as inhumane and warned that political prisoners may be murdered in the prison.

Masouri is one of several prisoners who were forcibly transferred from Evin prison to Ghezel Hesar on September 3. They were beaten during the transfer and their belongings were stolen.

In his letter, he stated: “After 23 years in prison, I thought I had witnessed and experienced the worst conditions and crimes of the Iranian regime in prisons, unaware that a dungeon like Ghezel Hesar existed.

“Ghezel Hesar is a black hole where criminals like Eje’I (Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’I, Chief Justice of the regime), under the orders of the regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, throw the people of this land, young and old, and burn them in the fire of their crimes.

“There is no minimum provision for nutrition, hygiene, medical care, or even half a meter of space to sit. In a room of approximately 9 square meters, 15-16 people are crammed together, deprived of the slightest right to protest. No water, no food, no decent clothing. They give nothing to the prisoners because they have decided to eradicate any Iranian life, dignity, and humanity, to serve the savage called Eje’I, and to cover the budget deficit and the money of Ebrahim Raisi’s government by oppressing and tormenting defenseless prisoners whose cries go unheard.

“However if they think they are safe from the wrath of the Iranian people, they are mistaken. The people of Iran, the young and old, the girls and boys, the teachers and workers, the students and retirees, are looking for an opportunity.

“If I were to write about the crimes taking place in this prison, it would be unbelievable for any sound mind and even for our compatriots who have not yet set foot in prison.

“Right now, in the adjacent cells, several young detainees are awaiting execution behind the iron doors and concrete walls, and even last night, they took several people, bloody and injured, to the infirmary. Orders were given not to treat them, not even to provide them with bandages and disinfection, and they handcuffed and shackled them and threw them into solitary cells while they were bleeding.

“Even if these prisoners attack us political prisoners and murder us to delay their sentence and open a new murder (which is very common), there will be no reproach for them. Because the only way to survive or at least delay their execution is this. There is no legal authority, and executions are only for suppression and intimidation and not a legal matter… not justice, no right to defense, no legal representation… everything is barbaric.

“This prison is a small example of eradicating any human and dignified life. We are prepared to be killed in prison, just as our youth are on the streets, and freedom comes at a cost, not an excuse!

Death to religious fascism!

Long live freedom and democracy!

Saeed Masouri

September 2023

Ghezel Hesar prison

Saeed Masouri, is the longest held political prisoner in Iran. Saeed Masouri has been imprisoned in Iran since January 8, 2001, for being a supporter of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

Saeed Masouri was sentenced to death on May 25 of that year for allegedly collaborating with the PMOI/MEK to “harm national security” and was jailed at Tehran’s Evin prison.
The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2007 under pressure from the rights groups.

It is worth noting that the prisoners are subjected to physical abuse, torture, and even extrajudicial killings.

The regime’s actions demonstrate a complete disregard for human dignity and the principles of justice and fairness.

These conditions and crimes highlight the oppressive nature of the Iranian regime and its systematic violation of human rights, particularly against political prisoners in Ghezel Hesar prison.


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