Texas prisons lack air conditioning: Letters to the Editor

Texas prisons lack air conditioning

It’s terrible that Texas prisons lack air conditioning — 70% of the prison space, for guards and prisoners, is not air conditioned.

Texas has signs to not leave a pet or a child in a hot car, but we don’t mind letting prisoners suffer in hot buildings with the windows sealed and some are dying! Guards are quitting. Young people who may be serving a year or two after being caught with marijuana will be getting the death penalty instead and never come home.

“Don’t mess with Texas” if you are considering breaking a law, you could die in a hot prison.

Carol Miller

West El Paso

El Paso Water's current headquarters is in a 43-year-old, former bank building that the city utility moved into in 1992.  It's at 1154 Hawkins Blvd., near Cielo Vista Mall and The Fountains at Farah shopping center in East Central El Paso.

Give El Paso Water a break

I always get on the opinion section and like to read the current gripes within the city. It strikes me odd that everyone has it out for El Paso Water. Every single week there’s a negative comment about them.

I just wanted to say that we live in the desert and have never run out of water and our water quality is always above par. The people at El Paso Water are planning for our future, but you all only see the bad things.

I stand against all the negative comments about them. I did want to see them build Downtown but hey, who am I to make that decision. They are doing a good job.

Ivan Roman Jr.

East El Paso

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You have yourselves to blame

Ten years ago, El Paso had momentum. Baseball was about to begin; voters resoundingly passed a half billion bond election and Downtown was in the midst of a renaissance.Enter Oscar Leeser. First item on the agenda was a new city manager. In came Tommy Gonzalez who was to be paid “not a penny more” than his predecessor. Next item on Leeser’s agenda was inaction on the 2012 QOL Bond projects — to include the arena.

After four years of inertia, Leeser ran for reelection after having apparently decided we needed the pause button hit for another four years — and the voters agreed. Leeser’s major accomplishment of his second term? Again, get a new city manager, this time we paid nearly a million dollars for a no cause removal.As El Paso hits the pause button, San Antonio is finishing up its San Pedro Creek Culture Park, Austin partnered with the US DOT for its “Program of Projects” after having built a state-of-the-art arena and Ft. Worth completed a commuter rail line linking its downtown to DFW Airport. These projects allow these communities to compete for jobs and talent.

When you complain about not having the amenities of our peer cities you have one group to blame: yourselves. If our recipe for success is eschewing modern event venues, saving the crumbling Coliseum, and letting Duranguito be the rallying cry, then let’s elect Max Grossman as our next mayor!

John Lopez

East El Paso


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