Live blog: Israel, Hamas conclude third round of prisoner swap

2155 GMT Netanyahu offers to extend humanitarian pause if 10 hostages freed for each additional day

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his government would accept an extension of the humanitarian pause in Gaza in exchange for the release of more hostages.

Netanyahu said in a video statement published by his office that he spoke by phone with US President Joe Biden and told him an extension would be accepted in exchange for the release of 10 hostages for each additional day of the pause.

He stressed that after the pause, Israel would continue its military operations with the ultimate aim of eliminating the Palestinian resistance group Hamas and seeing to it that all of the remaining hostages are returned.

1703 GMT — 39 Palestinian children to be released from Israeli prisons

Palestinian authorities have released the names of Palestinian prisoners set to be released in the third batch of hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas.

The list, revealed by the governmental Commission of Detainees’ Affairs and Palestinian Prisoners Society, a local nongovernmental organisation, exclusively included the names of child prisoners, totaling 39.

Among them are 21 children from Jerusalem, one is from Rafah in Gaza, and the remainders are from various parts of the occupied West Bank.

Qatar, with the support of the United States and Egypt, engaged in weeks of intense negotiations to secure the four-day truce between Israel and Hamas, which began Friday in Gaza after nearly seven weeks of bombardment that left nearly 15,000 Palestinians dead.

The 39 Palestinian detainees will be released in exchange for the 14 Israeli hostages and three foreign nationals released from Gaza earlier today.

1547 GMT — Hamas hands over 14 Israeli hostages, 3 foreigners to Red Cross

Fourteen Israeli hostages and three foreign nationals have been handed over to the Red Cross in Gaza, the Israeli army said.

“Based on information that was received from the Red Cross, 14 Israeli hostages and three foreign hostages have been transferred to the Red Cross,” it said in a statement on the third day of an agreed pause in the fighting between Israel and Hamas, that is to also see Palestinian prisoners freed in Israel.

1501 GMT Palestinian Red Crescent dispatches 50 aid trucks to Gaza

The Palestine Red Crescent Society has dispatched a convoy of 50 trucks laden with aid to Gaza City and northern Gaza.

The humanitarian aid group said in a statement: “Today (Sunday), we sent a relief convoy comprising 50 trucks from Rafah in the southern Gaza to Gaza City and its northern environs.

“A group of volunteers from the society in the Gaza and northern governorates will receive the convoy and accompany it for the distribution of aid to the resilient citizens in Gaza” the statement added.

Aid included relief materials, food items, potable water, medicines, and emergency medical supplies. The society did not specify the source providing the assistance.

1419 GMT — 40,000 tonnes of explosives dropped on Gaza since Oct. 7

The Gaza government’s media office has said that the Israeli army has dropped 40,000 tonnes of explosives on the coastal enclave since October 7, with the apparent goal of rendering the enclave uninhabitable.

Salama Maarouf, the head of the media office, issued a statement on Telegram on the third day of the temporary humanitarian pause between Israel and Hamas, which came into effect on Friday morning.

“The Israeli occupation forces have dropped 40,000 tonnes of explosives on the Strip (since October 7), and the atrocities of the occupation (forces) have unfolded away from the scrutiny of cameras,” Marouf said.

He explained that “the bombs recently used by the occupation (forces) have never been used before, and hundreds of martyrs are buried in the places where they died. The devastation by the occupation (forces) reflects its intent to make Gaza uninhabitable.”

1231 GMT Number of Palestinians arrested since Oct. 7 climbs to 3,200

The Israeli army has arrested 20 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, bringing the total number of detainees since October 7 to 3,200, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said.

“The occupation forces arrested at least 20 Palestinians, on Saturday-Sunday night, from cities and towns in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,” the nongovernmental group said in a statement.

The total number of detainees rose to 3,200 Palestinians since October 7, it added.

The Israeli army, on a daily basis, storms villages and towns throughout the occupied West Bank, accompanied by confrontations, arrests, shooting, and gas bombs on Palestinians, coinciding with the war on Gaza.


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