James Edwards | What is happening to America?

The America I grew up in was a country with unlimited opportunities and a bright future. We were welcomed, enjoyed life and felt secure.

Sadly, it is slowly slipping into the gutter of history to join the remains of the Roman Empire.

What is changing? Is the cancer of socialism and the woke ideology seeping into our society? Are they trying to poison our children into believing our country was founded on evil principles?

Are they trying to use the Marxist critical race theory ideology to pit one race against another race? That simply generates hatred and division between the races.

That way, our children will become more concerned about the color of their skin or their gender than about the content of their character. The freedom and work ethic that made the country great is being undermined by the concept that a big government should be ruling our lives, telling us how to live our everyday lives or do business. Is it the evolution of a welfare system of free handouts having people believing why work when the government will pay them more not to work?

I am not a scholar of politics. I have no political credentials. I am not a college graduate. I’m simply an 83-year-old retired “has-been” content to live at home. But because I love this country and have a strong thirst for truth and justice, I offer the following suggestions on how to stop the downward spiral we’re headed in.

• Vote for candidates who believe in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and who will avoid the quicksand of power and greed.

• Take back our educational system and mandate that students are taught reading, writing and arithmetic. Teach them the rich history of this country and to appreciate those who died to protect our freedom. Stop the effort to gender-manage minors.

• Start redrilling for oil and take advantage of our vast fossil fuel resources, and at the same time work on finding a realistic, productive and achievable solution for alternative energy. Cancel the conversion to electric vehicles.

• We must insist on fixing our criminal justice system.

• Reactivate the efforts to establish term limits.

• We need to minimize the power of career government employees.

• Reactivate and honor the concept of building strong families.

• Promote the revival of faith in God.

• Close the southern border.

• Legalize the federal election system.

If we want America to remain a beacon of light as a country of individual freedoms, we must change the direction we are currently headed.

We must also eradicate higher taxations, wokeness, free money, greedy politicians, unpunished criminals and secular humanism, or we are doomed to follow the path of the Roman Empire.

James M. Edwards Sr. is a retired president and CEO of WJAC Inc. and the Johnstown Chiefs, and general manager of WJAC-TV.


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