Israel-Hamas war live: Israeli PM Netanyahu speaks in Tel Aviv, signals ‘second stage of war’ against Hamas, pledges to ‘abolish this evil’

The Israel Defense Forces have released an “urgent message for the residents of Gaza” which calls on civilians from northern Gaza to temporarily relocate south.

“Moving back to northern Gaza will be possible once the intense hostilities end,” an IDF spokesperson said in a video message.

“Your window to act is closing, move south for your own safety,” he said. “This is not a mere precaution, this is an urgent plea.”

Egypt’s foreign ministry said that “Israeli obstacles” including truck inspection procedures were hindering the delivery of aid into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing.

“The trucks must be inspected at the Israeli Nitzana crossing before they head to the Rafah crossing on a journey that takes a distance of 100 km (62 miles) before they actually enter the Rafah crossing, which causes obstacles that significantly delay the arrival of aid,” a ministry spokesperson said in a statement, Reuters reports.

Prior to the conflict, approximately 500 aid trucks were crossing into Gaza. However, following the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel and the subsequent Israeli bombing of Gaza, an average of only 12 trucks a day have entered, Guterres said on Friday, Reuters reports.

“We have to win against Hamas because it’s our existence, but it’s affecting all of the western civilization,” said the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He added that “Iran is the axis of evil.”

“We’re not going to change the goal of destroying Hamas,” the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu said in response to a question about the “tension between destroying Hamas and bringing back the abductees”.

“There’s no tension,” he added. “We have two goals. One is to destroy the operational and military abilities of Hamas, and the second one is to bring back the abductees.”

“There was a terrible failure. It’s going to be investigated. We’re going to turn each stone,” the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in response to a question about whether he bears responsibility surrounding the 7 October attacks by Hamas.

“The ground operation that we expanded … is going to help us in this holy mission,” he added.

“The operational stages are going to take a long time,” said Benny Gantz, Israel’s former defense minister.

“Our unity is our strength, during the war and after. The people of Israel are ready … Nobody can win against us … With the help of God, we are going to fight, we are going to win,.”

Speaking of Hamas, Benny Gantz, Israel’s former defense minister said: “They are war criminals that are sacrificing the citizens, residents of Gaza. Hamas brought them disaster.”

Even though they pretend they represent them, the picture is clear – it’s pure evil against pure justice and justice should prevail.

Benny Gantz, Israel’s former defense minister is now speaking at the press conference.

“The ground maneuver, alongside the other stages, could progress the return of the abductees home,” he said.

“I personally met abductees’ families and they can approach me anytime, I promise,” he added.

“As long as the military pressure and fire is going to be increased, as we hit the enemy harder, there’s a better chance … that the enemy will agree to solutions to return the loved ones,” Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant, said.

It’s not going to be a short war. It’s going to be a long war. We should have patience.

“We are making … effort in order to return the abductees to us, to our country. It’s a very complicated effort,” said Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant.

It’s dealing with reality that we didn’t know [about] in the past. We are ready to do anything … This is not a secondary mission. This is a national priority.

Israel’s defense minister Yoav Gallant is now speaking at the press conference.

“I have faith in the … fighters and commanders, the forces, the Mossad and its people and all the defense systems. Together, we’re going to achieve … victory,” he said.

“At this time, we are readying all the fronts – the north, center and south.”

Israel has in recent weeks warned Palestinians in northern Gaza to evacuate south as it expands its military operations across the strip.

“The war inside Gaza is going to be long,” the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

“This is our second independence war. We’re going to save our country. We’re going to fight in the air, ground, and we are going to fight and win. …

“This is the mission of my life … in your name and the name of everybody.”

“We call the civil population, please go to the safe area on the streets,” said the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, warning Palestinians in Gaza to evacuate the northern region of the Gaza Strip as Israel expands its ground presence.

He went on to address Israel’s allies, saying: “If Israel is not going to win today, they are going to be next in the axis of evil … That’s the beginning of the war.”

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is “ready to make sure that the murderers are going to pay the price for the massacre”, referring to the Hamas attacks of 7 October.

He added that Israel is “going to abolish this evil in order to further all humanity”.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently speaking at a press conference in Tel Aviv.

“This is the second stage of the war,” he said. “Our calls are very clear – to destroy the military and government ability of Hamas and return the victims home,.”

Benjamin Netanyahu press conference live

The United Arab Emirates has asked the UN security council on Saturday to meet “as soon as possible” following Israel’s communication blackout across Gaza and its expanded ground operation.

The 15-member council could meet as early as Sunday, diplomats said, and the UAE has asked for UN aid chief Martin Griffiths and Philippe Lazzarini, the head of UNRWA, the UN agency providing aid to Palestinians, to brief, Reuters reports.


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